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Cohabitation Ceremony

Posted by NumberSix , 11 August 2009 · 390 views

I promise I have no interest in turning my sporadic blogging into nothing but found-object forwarding, but the following video addresses a subject near and dear to me: MAWWIAGE. Or, more specifically, the devaluation and knocking thereof.


This past weekend our Senior Pastor delivered the first in a five-part sermon series about marriage, during which this sketch (created by some other church I don't know) was played to illustrate one of his points. Considering how many of our members are in the midst of severe marital turmoil, I'd almost bet that he's preaching the series by sheer popular demand.

My own wife and I doing wonderfully just now, but it takes a lot of work, prayer, and conscious thought to avoid the mistakes of our previous marriages, not to mention the mistakes our parents made in their own disastrous relationships. We have many Scriptural passages to inform our decisions, but they're nearly outnumbered by the number of negative role models in our lives who taught us how not to treat a marriage.

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