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Posted by RangerGal , 12 July 2009 · 1,819 views

Television Series
I'm beginning to mourn the demise of a series that started out intriguing me only because of the filming locations: Hempstead House at Sands Point, where I spent many hot summers dressing medieval, doing summer faire, and camping in the woods nearby.
Posted Image
Hempstead House

Posted Image
Castle Gould

I used to roam the halls of both castles freely - and camped occasionally by myself as well as with my medievalist friends.
The memories I have of it are both sweet and bitter. I practically grew up there.

The series called Kings has both bored me and enchanted me. Now that there are only 2 episodes left, I'm going to be frustrated again by the lack of good television programs. The only other series that I'm really watching is Mental, and that's not doing anything for me lately. It's just okay. But Kings got me interested, had me riveted, and literally made me grin. Some of it is juvenile, but others bits make it a masterpiece. One bit is the acting:
Posted Image
Chris Egan, (standing behind Hempstead House) who plays the main character David is enticing.
He;s the fellow I'd have chosen to play James T. Kirk. He's a good looking corn-fed feelin' handsome thing, who appears blessed with acting talent as well as a little musical ability.
Posted Image
Ian McShane (seen standing in the back room of Hempstead house "the porch", with Chris Egan) is his usual visceral self. His voice growls as much as it always did, and his character has grown with age. His character, Silas (akin to Saul of the bible) is ruthless and personal, all at once.

Teamed up with some serious actors, these two make for a series that I don't want to stop watching.
What's it all about? As I've said before (several blogs ago) It's a biblical retelling of the life of King David. It's just that it's set in a mythical city - "Gilboa", and it's been "modernized". Despite that, it retains a civility and the barbarism of old series like "I, Claudius".

Watch it before it's gone. CBS has decided it's not worth finishing.
Posted Image
Egan and Allison Miller (who was surprisingly good herself, as Princess Michelle) overlooking the bay, back stone fence in back of Hempstead House.

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