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The Argument For Older, Low Budget Science Fiction

Posted by RangerGal , 17 August 2009 · 864 views

Science Fiction
I've just finished up a long search and a viewing of Ursula Le Guin's "Lathe of Heaven", one of my favorite Science Fiction films of all-time.
Posted Image

Not that it's quite on the level of 2001, but it' s damn good.
Really great science fiction should combine a little post-apocalyptic stuff, some metaphysical gunk, and of course, funny aliens.
"Lathe" has all of it.
Posted Image

But it's got something else: Bruce Davidson, in one of his biggest TV roles. I was aghast at his hair, his tall lanky manner, his pale face. He's made for science fiction. Well, just witness the tongue-in-cheek role he had in X-Men! His part as the politician-gone-mutant was absolutely hysterical.
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So take some time out to watch one of the greatest scifi series-turned into a film, "Lathe of Heaven". I promise, if you can watch patiently, you'll be rewarded.


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