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Knowing: Another "Natural" Science Fiction With Biblical Themes

Posted by RangerGal , 22 March 2009 · 860 views

I'm officially cranky now.
What with the end of BattleStar Galactica, the new series Kings, (which is apparently a biblical retelling) and this new movie, Knowing doing more biblical prophesy, I'm SICK TO DEATH of biblical science fiction!

Is this a response to the economic climate? Are disaster movies making a come-back? Are we reflecting on our loss of religion now that we have fallen on hard times?!
I don't mind a little biblical background. Really! But when religion takes front-and-center to character development, plot, and overall theme, I get testy. Ack. Let's move on:

Posted Image

Knowing is what's become Nick Cage's typical role, all over again. It's the testy father, bedraggled by loss of job or loss of loved one, forced to protect his family from 1. the aliens, 2. the end of the world or 3. the bad guys. I love Nick Cage, mind you. His acting (when somber) is absolutely right on, his smile engaging, and his comedic timing is superb. By the way, Nick: Get Into A Comedy But Fast, before they typecast you forever.

So darlings, go ahead and waste your money on absolutely immaculate special effects. This movie has so much eye candy that you'll be attempting to brush your corneas when you get home. Yes, there are moments of tear-jerking and some extremely geeky investigation, but all in all I found myself yawning a little and wondering when the big thing was actually going to happen. I tend to fidget whilst waiting for the climax in a disaster movie. The music is usually what does it to me. You know that incidental screeching of violins that gets more and more intense as the story darkens? I wish they'd hold off for a few more scenes. Even in the very beginning of the movie at an innocent ceremony where a time capsule it pulled from the ground, the music becomes dark and sinister. Wouldn't it be that much more effective if the whole scene were gleeful-sounding? Why not leave it as a surprise, until the actual bad stuff starts happening? Sometimes I think musical directors believe that we need hundreds of cues just to understand a simple plot device. Leave off, you musical nuts! You're making me crazy! (Well, I already know that I'm certifiable, but that's a whole 'nuther can o' worms.)

My recommendation: watch it streaming online, or wait for the DVD. Be careful, tho' - lately there have been lots of Trojans lurking on streaming sites. Don't become fodder to the "you need a codec" hacker. Don't DL anything, mmkay? You should be able to view it with Flash or the site's own streaming video player.

I'd be curious to see what others' thoughts are about closer. I'm sorry I couldn't go into more detail, but it's just ruin the movie for you. At least - enjoy Nick Cage. He's a good actor.

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