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RIP Natasha Richardson; Liam and The Irish Community

Posted by RangerGal , 22 March 2009 · 727 views

When I hear about Natasha Richardson's injury I was worried for her and her family. I knew that head trauma is a tricky thing; on needs to get to an emergency room as soon as possible. Since she hadn't, the chances of her surviving were staggeringly minimal.

One thing I must stress: anyone who has been knocked out (unconscious for any period of time), no matter what the cause or apparent outcome - should ALWAYS go to the emergency room. Always.
So back to the real subject:

I was not aware that Natasha had married Liam Neeson before that day. That's weird, because I used to had pride in myself for knowing everything that was going on in NYC's very bright Irish community. A teacher friend of mine got me interested in reading and attending Irish music and acting gigs. The community in NYC is really like an extended family. Actors and musicians all know each other, party together, and perform together.

Posted Image

To list a few that I knew hung out: Liam Neeson, Ciaran Hinds, Pierce Brosnan, Gabriel Byrne, Alan Cumming (Scottish) Aidan Quinn - there's more, but I'll move on. Every weekend I used to read about some acting get-together where many of my favorites partied. I'd fell a bit jealous, after all, if I were living in NYC I"d probably be working at SAG and be at those parties. I adore actors, and actors love me. I've often been told that I should be acting. I've even been asked to join and work for SAG, though I haven't the money or the talent (IMHO) to be a part of it. The closest I got was working there on a temporary basis. It was enjoyable, rewarding, and wholly satisfying if not really weird.

So I'm very upset that poor Liam Neeson is looking at bringing up his boys alone. I'm sure that the Redgrave family (Vanessa is Natasha's mom) will help tend to the boys, but it's tough growing up without a parent. It doesn't matter how much money you've got. The hurt is still there, and the scar will remain.

I saw a few bits about the wake (at The Irish Historical Society in Greenwich Village) and was proud to see that many actors came out to pay tribute: Matthew Broderick, Uma Thurman, Liv Tyler, Ethan Hawke, *cough!* Howard Stern, and more. The ceremony on Broadway in front of The Booth Theatre was okay. Everyone who is anyone has played at The Booth. In fact the last time I saw a play it was at The Booth. Now the I think of it, every time I've seen a big play, it's been there. The last two I saw starred Ralph Feinnes and Alan Rickman. I wish I could have gone to offer my condolences, but then - who am I to be there, and how would I pay for the LIRR ticket there and back? I guess it's enough to watch the news clips and wish everyone well.

The best I can say is:
"I'm sorry, Liam."

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