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Posted by Gargan , 21 April 2006 · 272 views


Okay, so I was only gone a few days, and I lurked... but that's not the point. Getting banned, even when i'm a total douche and deserve every minute, is still hard to do when you're a constant Nightly-goer like myself. Of course, if you're reading this, then you know what I'm talking about.

This blog feature is cool, by the way. I know i'm late in saying this, but I like the upgrade. I loved the old archaic Nightly with the tacky colour schemes. I'll miss it dearly.

I'm not one to ramble on, so i'll leave you with a link and my results...

What religion is right for you?

My results:

Posted ImageYou scored as Satanism. Your beliefs most closely resemble those of Satanism! Before you scream, do a bit of research on it. To be a Satanist, you don't actually have to believe in Satan. Satanism generally focuses upon the spiritual advancement of the self, rather than upon submission to a deity or a set of moral codes. Do some research if you immediately think of the satanic cult stereotype. Your beliefs may also resemble those of earth-based religions such as paganism.

Satanism - 100%
Paganism - 54%
agnosticism - 54%
atheism - 54%
Judaism - 50%
Hinduism - 50%
Buddhism - 50%
Islam- 38%
Christianity - 13%

Oh crap, i'm going to hell.

Darth Necromancy
April 21 2006 11:07 PM
Wow Gargle, :lol: we're almost total opposites.

Posted Image
You scored as Christianity.

Your views are most similar to those of Christianity. Do more research on Christianity and possibly consider being baptized and accepting Jesus, if you aren't already Christian. Christianity is the second of the Abrahamic faiths; it follows Judaism and is followed by Islam. It differs in its belief of Jesus, as not a prophet nor historical figure, but as God in human form. The Holy Trinity is the concept that God takes three forms: the Father, the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Ghost (sometimes called Holy Spirit). Jesus taught the idea of instead of seeking revenge, one should love his or her neighbors and enemies. Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross to save humankind and forgive people's sins.

Christianity 83%
Agnosticism 63%
Judaism 54%
Satanism 54%
Buddhism 46%
Islam 42%
Paganism 42%
Hinduism 29%
Atheism 29%

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