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Hottest Topics?! 11/2012

Posted by The Human Torch , 05 November 2012 · 3,450 views


With Disney buying Star Wars one of my favorite lurking spots lit up with creativity, no not Nightly... deviantART. Here's my three favorite, non-dirty, images from deviantART. Side Note: Don't surf deviantART without the mature content filter on. You don't want to know what people will draw Disney characters doing with lightsabers. Or maybe you do, if so turn off that censor!

Rapunzel is adorable as Slave Leia
Goofy Jedi vs Goofy Sith is Epic
What Leia and Han would look like as Disney Animations

Nightly has however exploderated with people like us raging over the Expanded Universe and if Star Wars is even important.


EA's Bioware's Dragon Age franchise is back in the news with the announcement of Dragon Age 3. As the world of Thedas turns Bioware is promising that all the stuff we hated about Part 2 will probably be replaced by all new things we hate in Part 3. Including;

Richard Castle as a Dwarf
Monty Python References

And LOOOOK! A fresh thread has been planted here at Nightly.


The US Presidential Election is tomorrow! Plus other things on other ballots in places all over the universe. Lady Gaga wants to remind everyone in Minnesota that in order to support Gay Marriage then you have to VOTE NO not YES on that ballot. Because yeah, Minnesota is creative with the language. Whatever your opinion is one thing is universal, you gotta vote! So get out there and do so. The Election year has also caused our very own members to talk about vagina like it's the best thing since EVAR! Which it is.


Not to be out done by Disney, DC Comics has decided to battle lawyers and have Batman fight Darth Maul. If you think that is crazy just pick up The Dark Knight: New 52 Volume One trade paperback and read the exciting story of Batman eating ice cream. While neither Stan Lee or his son Jim Lee could be reached for comment, Mickey Mouse did front the comics fashion trend by reminding everyone that underwear as your main clothing item is IN FACT iconic. So suck it, New 52.


With the holiday that no one cares about over, the Holiday Season has officially begun. Ever wonder what danger's childhood was like? Does Turkey still sound delicious when stuffed into other birds and renamed after poopy slang terms? Or maybe you are like Boba Sweat and hate all things not-Scottish? If so, tells us about your Thanksgiving Plans. In other foodie news I just discovered that despite the file image looking like Meaty Moose Turds, AllRecipes' GREATEST MEATBALLS EVER! is actually pretty good.

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