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Infant's Cold & Cough Medicine

Posted by The Human Torch , 16 May 2006 · 667 views

I'm not sure if anyone else is aware, but apparently a law has been passed in the USA whereby "over the counter" cough medicine must be purchased at a pharmacy. My 8 month old daughter, Kylie, has a wicked cold. I asked Kylie's doc what I can give her to help her breathe and control her coughing. Her doctor gave me the okay for infants cold/cough medicine and to use a .8 ML dose. Hearing this from Kylie's doctor was like a blessing from Heaven. Finally Kylie would be able to be herself again and I might get to sleep more than a few minutes at a time.

So a week goes by and after another check with the doctor I head out to Wal-Mart to buy some more cold/cough medicine. When I get to Wal-Mart I find no medicine. NONE. The shelves of infants cold/cough medicine are empty. Well that's a lie they weren't empty. No. The shelves had little plastic cards in them that said, "To purchase this item please take this card to the pharmacy." HA! The PHARMACY IS CLOSED! Yeah it's only 5:00pm on Sunday. Is it a Holiday? No. It's 5:00 PM on Sunday. Kylie is cranky and I'm following suit real quick.

I find a Wal-Mart employee and asked them WTF?! except without the ****. Although techincally I guess the **** was in my tone so it didn't matter I didn't say it. Of course the Wal-Mart employee DOESN'T SPEAK ENGLISH with any usable vocabulary. Now I'm not a flag waving, raging, redneck, United States of America koolaid drinking fool... normally... but in this instance my blood started to boil. The Wal-Mart employee sensed this somehow and went off to find the nearest store manager for me. About 5 minutes later the store manager shows up and tells me that the medicine must be out for some reason. The store manger then goes on to explain that there might be some at the checkout.

I walk to the checkout and stand in line for 8 minutes. As I am about to ask the checker for infants cold/cough medicine the store manager notices me and walks over. "I just thought I should double check we have some back here so you don't waste your time," says the store manager who then turns to talk to the checker. So I punched the store manger in the back of the head and then kicked her in the ass for good measure. After which I flashed back to reality and heard her say, "I'm sorry. I was just told some Federal law passed and we can only sell this medicine through our pharmacy. Which is closed."

I don't remember much after that. Time seemed to disappear. The next thing I recall is that it was 6:30pm and I'm across town at my local super grocery store, Carrs. Their pharmacy was open and after signing a release form, including having to place my DL/ID number down, I was able to purchase my baby daughter her "OVER THE COUNTER" cold/cough medicine. All of this thanks to the ****ING jackasses on Government Hill who think this law will stop people from abusing the ingredients in cold/cough medicine.

So. Ms. Wal-Mart Manager was either completely incorrect, or openly lied to you.
The Human Torch
April 19 2006 10:36 AM
I'm going with the idea that Ms.Wal-Mart Manager had good intentions but just was completely out of the loop. I know I said I didn't remember much after she dropped the bomb, but yeah... her face is crystal now. She had the most horrified look on her face after she basically told me I had wasted my time because of her misinformation. Looking back, there is no way I would have had the balls to tell me that if I was in her place. Ha. Although I guess she didn't have the balls either being that she is a she.

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