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A peg by any other name is a...?

Posted by Cloud , 21 April 2006 · 246 views

I work in a supermarket, such a thrilling form of employment. But it certainly does allow for many a story in the form of customers, from disgruntled to just plain annoying. Midnight shifts also provide the wandering drunks who you have to basically take by the hand and guide them about the shop to find their food only to find out that a handful of ten cent coins just isn't going to cut it.

But, my latest bafflement, comes in the form of a young blond man. Not an idiot, not a drunk, not even annoying, a polite fellow whose accent i couldn't place, swedish is my general assumption based on the blond hair as we get a tonne of them at the university of foreign exchange programs. Here I am, hard at work (Ha) filling cereal when he asks me for his help. He doesn't know the english word for this...uh oh...I'm dreading it, waiting for an exchange that would leave us both frustrated, after all, i have enough troubles with toothless old people and chinese/indian people, some words accents just don't make clear enough to grasp what they are saying vs what you are hearing.

'The clamps you use to hang up washed clothes.'



"Pegs. You hang your clothes up on the clothes line with them."


"Pegs. P Eh Gs."


"Aisle 2."

Off he goes and I stand there staring, only to turn and walk up to the girl who was working with me, amused and disappointed as I recounted the question and we both stood there. We'll never know, what other words is there for pegs? Where was he from that he would be asking for the english word for those 'clamps' A question we will never know unless this boy walks back in one day and we find out where he is from. Such idle, stupid mysteries the world presents us with.

Of course, it's then all evened out by some stupid kid who thinks he can stand on an box with two boxes of ceral inside and wonders why it smashed down and of course, the parents just pick him up and wander off, hell, you just ruined two boxes of food, you gonna pay for these? Oh no. No. I love people, really, I do.

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