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Stop the world...

Posted by Cloud , 20 April 2006 · 242 views

And let me get off.

Tom Cruise has bred, of course, I demand DNA tests to prove it's really his as I have high doubts that it is considering how insane he has been about it all, it's sort of like his I'm not gay thing. The more he protests, the more we believe he is, the more he dances about on seats over Katie and the baby, the more it's clear he's covering something. But, you have to admire Katie for playing along with it, but, i doubt she saved that much money from Dawson's creek, she needs a bank account and this is a pretty good deal.

The one thing I as a gossip whore an interested in, is seeing how Tom includes or excludes Nicole Kidman from this family. Will the adopted children be rendered lower on the rungs of the ladder, or will he be a decent guy (HA!) and make the extended family with the adopted kids and Nicole. I would game a smidge of respect if he does this, which means, my respect level for Tom will be the height of an ant.

But, either way, the world has become a sadder place for me and thus, my continued dying faith in man kind. I suppose I'm a hypocrite for watching Entertainment tonight while I write this, however, I'm waiting for something else to start and the controller is all the way over there, it's out of reach, it's sad.

My life continues along the road of boring. I am RPing, I am working, I am sleeping, which I am thinking of going to do soon, sleep some more, it's good for the soul.

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