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Posted by Cloud , 20 April 2006 · 267 views

I have no idea why I have decided to make one of these, I have enough trouble remembering to write in my lj. But, why the hell not, everyone else is doing one so I might aswell open another space to ramble and compain about any and everything in general, afterall, isn't that what the internet is for?

My current beefs consist of school holidays and why is it, that when a holiday comes around for us to celebrate, the rest of us must find it painful because said school kids are allowed to roam free on the streets and at the shops making things painful and loud.

The Contender. Yes, it's been shown in the states, but, well, The Contender. Who, who damnit, let this show be -made-.

Did I mention school kids and shopping? I have to contend with them at work aswell, it's sad when it's after midnight and 16 year olds come in to hang out in Bilo since it's 24hrs. Christ, please, go to McDonalds, at least you can look remotely cool hanging out there as opposed to a grocery shop called Bilo!

Newsflash. Making a whoopie cushion fart is not funny or new. You are not the -first- person in the whole of this city to think about squeezing it while it's in the packet. You are not cooler then cool. You are not witty. You are dumb.

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