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Why I don't like you.


A peg by any other name is a...?

Posted by Cloud , 21 April 2006 - - - - - - · 246 views

I work in a supermarket, such a thrilling form of employment. But it certainly does allow for many a story in the form of customers, from disgruntled to just plain annoying. Midnight shifts also provide the wandering drunks who you have to basically take by the hand and guide them about the shop to find their food only to find out that a handful of ten ce...


Stop the world...

Posted by Cloud , 20 April 2006 - - - - - - · 243 views

And let me get off.

Tom Cruise has bred, of course, I demand DNA tests to prove it's really his as I have high doubts that it is considering how insane he has been about it all, it's sort of like his I'm not gay thing. The more he protests, the more we believe he is, the more he dances about on seats over Katie and the baby, the more it's...



Posted by Cloud , 20 April 2006 - - - - - - · 267 views

I have no idea why I have decided to make one of these, I have enough trouble remembering to write in my lj. But, why the hell not, everyone else is doing one so I might aswell open another space to ramble and compain about any and everything in general, afterall, isn't that what the internet is for?

My current beefs consist of school holidays and w...

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