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Same day BJ

Posted by grabbz , 16 August 2019 · 453 views

Last Friday I had the most unforgettable experience in my life. So I met this girl on the train, we spoke for the whole ride, about 45 mins or more. She told me about her job and somehow we ended up getting into sex... now that's when the conversation got heated. We talked about hair pulling, slapping on the ass, deep throat  etc.. man the conversation was so intense my boner was throbbing in my pants, but I couldn't give that little secret away.
We somehow made it to our destination without even realizing and were ready to part ways, but the convo was so fluent we kept walking and talking. Now my house was about 5 mins away, and we were getting much closer by the second.  My thoughts were that she lived close by but, I wasn't going to ask that question yet. So I simply said "we're coming up to my house now", she didn't even flinch, I thought to myself for a minute, what if I invited her in? would she accept the invite? What the hell only one way to find out. So I asked her if she wanted to come in and continue this conversation. She quickly replied "You're not a killer or anything are you"? I laughed it off, and replied no, knowing now that she had already thought about it. So I  lead the way inside still talking and laughing, when we got in I noticed that she was very comfortable, she took off her socks and put her feet up sitting on them on my couch. She was so SEXY I sat right beside her and put my hand on her leg, she didn't move it...
I then began to rub her thighs until I got in between her legs. I gently touched it. She was wetter that a water park and now I felt it on my fingers. I inserted one finger, so moaned ever so quietly and seductive. I then inserted two fingers and now she was really turned on. She started to pull at my belt buckle and release my pants, and before I knew it, I was in her mouth, and down her throat. She slobbed me off  like a pornstar, with so much spit and the way she kissed the D was priceless. Long story short I put  nut in her mouth .

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