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Lost : Season 9

Posted by R.CAllen , 16 January 2014 · 7,811 views

Episode 901 "Up At Bat"

Hurley is bitten by a bat, and he believes he's turning into a vampire. This invokes a dream by Hurley that he is Dracula.

Episode 902 "Hurley vs. Hurley"

Hurley has a double - a Soviet agent sent to discover the true mission of the castaways.

Episode 903 "Pass The Vegetables, Please"

A crate of radioactive experimental vegetable seeds washes ashore. The castaways plant them, and they grow remarkably fast. Then they begin to sit down to a garden banquet, each castaway feasting on his or her favorite veggie, before they discover the "radioactive experimental" part of the crate they came in. Most notably, Kate gets incredible eyesight (from eating carrots); Hurley gets super strength (from eating spinach) and Claire gets unlimited energy (from eating sugar beets).

Episode 904 "The Producer"

Hollywood producer Harold Hecuba lands on the Island for some rest and solitude. The castaways convince him to return to civilization by staging a musical production of Hamlet. In a flashback, Jack saves a patient.

Episode 905 "Voodoo"

A witch-doctor has come to the Island and stolen a personal item from each castaway and is now casting voodoo spells over them. Hurley and Sawyer can't stop laughing. Kate and Claire can't get apart from each other. Everyone's feet burn. Jack, who doesn't believe in voodoo, is turned into a zombie.

Episode 906 "Where There's A Will"

Mr. Widmore decides to put the castaways into his will. Grateful, they try to plan a surprise party for him, but a number of unfortunate happenstances convince Mr. Widmore they want to murder him for the money. Alan Dale makes his last guest appearance on the show.

Episode 907 "Man With A Net"

Lord Beasley, a world famous butterfly collector, comes to the Island in search of the world's rarest butterfly, the pussycat swallowtail. The castaways pull out all the stops to help him find one.

Episode 908 "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow"

Hurley wakes up with white hair, then wakes up bald. It's not long before Sawyer becomes afflicted too. A mission to the far side of the Island goes awry.

Episode 910 "Ring Around Hurley"

Mad scientist Dr. Boris Balinkoff (Vito Scotti) is back. This time his scheme is to turn the castaways into hypnotized robots he will use to assist him in looting Fort Knox. "Igor" is represented by a monkey.

Episode 911 "Topsy Turvy"

Hurley bumps his head and sees everything upside down. Jack concocts a potion to cure him but instead Hurley sees multiple images. To make matters worse, headhunters come to the Island and capture everyone but Hurley. Los Angeles Rams quarterback Roman Gabriel plays one of the headhunters.

Episode 912 "The Invasion - Part 1"

When a locked official briefcase washes ashore, the castaways are dying to find out what's inside.

Episode 913 "The Invasion - Part II"

After the funerals are over and done with, Jacob and Ben and Walt relax on the beach before dutifully resurrecting the recently deceased castaways. Vincent loses a toe.

Episode 914 "The Kidnapper"

A kidnapper is loose on the Island, holding first one, then another castaway for ransom. They set out to trap him at his own game.

Episode 915 "And Then There Were None"

The castaways are disappearing one by one. Inspired by a comment of Jack's, Hurley begins to wonder if some mental dysfunction could be turning him into another Mr. Hyde.

Episode 916 "All About Eva"

A plain Jane named Eva Grubb comes to the Island to escape society. But when the girls give her a makeover, it turns out that Kate has a double. And soon it's trouble for all when she knocks out Kate and tries to be her. Eva fools everyone during a party but is exposed once Kate escapes from the polar bear cages. Eva (or Kate?) turns murderous and Jack is forced to shoot both of them.

Episode 917 "Hurley Goes Gung-Ho"

The castaways decide to establish law and order on the Island, with Sawyer as the Island Sheriff and Hurley as his deputy. Unfortunately Deputy Hurley takes his new responsibility too seriously, and, as a result, everyone ends up in jail...including, eventually, himself!

Episode 918 "Take A Dare"

The "Take-A-Dare" radio show has put a contestant on a deserted Island to survive for one week without any help from anyone. If he can do this he will win $10,000. Trouble is, the Island the contestant is on isn't exactly deserted. Daniel Day-Lewis guest stars.

Episode 919 "Courts Martial"

When they hear on the radio that the Aviation Board has pinned the loss of the Ajira flight on Frank, the castaways recreate both crashes to uncover the truth. When the blame seems to shift to Hurley, he pulls a Kate and runs away. The Gorilla returns from the afterlife bearing news from Ben's father. Jeff Fahey's final appearance on the show.

Episode 920 "The Hunter"

Big game hunter Jonathan Kincaid lands on the Island. Disappointed to discover no game to hunt, he decides to hunt "the Most Deadly Game", also known as Hurley. If Hurley can elude him for 24 hours then he will rescue them. Hurley survives but there's no rescue, Kincaid is fearful of going to jail if they told anyone about the hunt so he leaves them on the Island. Later the castaways hear about how Kincaid shoots 100% at a trap shoot but has to be taken away mumbling "Hurley". A spoof of The Most Dangerous Game.

Episode 921 "Secret Admirer"

Claire has a secret admirer, to Walt's outrage. So Jack invents a lie detector, and this and a trap combine to reveal the truth. All the attention causes her to dream that she is Cinderella.

Episode 922 "Our Vines Have Tender Apes"

Tongo the Ape Man, actually a movie actor researching a role, visits the Island. He tries to fool the castaways into believing he is really a "savage" jungle lord (a la Tarzan), but the Island's Gorilla gives him away.

Episode 923 "Hurley's Personal Magnetism"

Hurley and his bowling ball are magnetically attached to each other after Hurley is struck by lightning. Jack's cure turns Hurley invisible and attempts to reverse the process go awry. Jorge Garcia's final appearance on the show.

Episode 924 "Splashdown"

Jack determines that a manned American spacecraft will pass directly over their Island. They set out to build a signal to let the astronauts know they are there. The unmanned spacecraft that the astronauts are to rendezvous with accidentally lands on the Island.

Episode 925 "High Man on the Totem Pole"

Sawyer and Jack find a totem pole in the jungle, and the head at the top of the pole is a dead ringer for Jack, leading him to believe he is a Kupakai headhunter. Trouble begins when real Kupakai warriors show up and discover that someone has defaced their sacred pole.

Episode 926 "The Secret of Jacob's Island"

Jacob finds a stone map that tells how to get "off" the Island.

Episode 927 "Slave Girl"

Jack rescues Kalani, a Matoba native girl, from drowning, and she vows to be his slave for life. When her ex, Ugundi, shows up on the Island and challenges Jack to a duel to the death, "for life" may be a short stint. Jennifer Lawrence guest stars.

Episode 928 "It's A Bird, It's A Plane"

A James Bond-like jet pack lands on the Island. The castaways believe they can use it to signal the Navy search party looking for it. Aaron discovers he is pregnant.

Episode 929 "The Pigeon"

When a homing pigeon comes to the Island, the castaways begin to correspond with the bird's owner, who is an inmate at Alcatraz. Naturally he doesn't take their messages seriously. Guest starring Sarah Jones, Jonny Coyne, Parminder Nagra, and Sam Neill.

Episode 930 "Bang! Bang! Bang!"

A crate full of modeling clay washes ashore and the castaways waste no time in molding it into things they need, including fillings for Bernard's teeth. A playful monkey shows them that, once hardened, the clay is a deadly explosive, set off by the slightest bump. Sam Anderson's final appearance on the show.

Episode 931 "Sawyer, The Goddess"

A Chief from a nearby island, King Killiwani, comes in search of a White Goddess to take back to his island to marry. Will he settle for Sawyer?

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