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Lost : Season 8

Posted by R.CAllen , 16 January 2014 · 6,750 views

Episode 801 "Hurley's Mother-In-Law"

A native family arrives on the island looking for a husband for their ample (overweight) daughter. They choose Hurley, but soon a native suitor shows up to challenge Hurley to a duel.

Episode 802 "Beauty Is As Beauty Does"

After each of the other men nominate a different woman as the fairest on the Island, Hurley suggests a beauty contest to decide Miss Castaway. With the other men each backing a different woman, Hurley finds himself in the uncomfortable position of judge. The men attempt to sabotage the other women's chances by pouring glue on the stage, blowing sneezing powder towards the contestants, and spitting spit balls. Hurley chooses an Island ape as Miss Castaway, as she is the only truly qualifying Island native.

Episode 803 "The Little Dictator"

When El Presidente Pancho Hernando Gonzales Enrico Rodriguez of Ecuarico is exiled on the Island, he foments a revolution and convinces Hurley to become his puppet leader. This episode is in effect a satire of the military politics of many Latin American countries during the 1960s.

Episode 804 "Smile, You're on Mars Camera"

A Mars Lander accidentally crashes on the Island instead of landing on Mars. However the camera doesn't work until the castaways are covered in feathers. The castaways are then mistaken for chicken people on Mars.

Episode 805 "The Sweepstakes"

Hurley wins the lottery (again), joins the Widmores' club, and then loses the winning ticket. Alan Dale and Fionnula Flanagan guest star. Mel Blanc voices the winning ticket.

Episode 806 "Quick, Before It Sinks"

Jack mistakenly believes that the Island is sinking when Hurley uses Jack's high water measuring stick to mark the lobster traps.

Episode 807 "Castaways Pictures Presents"

Hurley discovers a sunken ship in the lagoon. The ship is only half there, but the cargo is intact: two crates of movie production equipment and costumes from Exit South Seas Film Productions and Castaways Pictures. The group uses the equipment to make a movie about themselves and their predicament in hopes that it will spark a rescue. Instead, the film wins a Cannes Film Festival Award.

Episode 808 "Agonized Labor"

The Widmores are broke, or so the radio says. After the rest of the group stops Charles Widmore's suicide attempts, they try to train them for other lines of work for after they are rescued. Alan Dale and Fionnula Flanagan guest star. Mel Blanc voices the suicide attempts.

Episode 809 "Nyet, Nyet -- Not Yet"

Two Russian Cosmonauts land on the Island. The castaways hope it will lead to a rescue. For once Hurley does something right when he switches water for vodka, but in the end he still messes things up as usual. In a flashback, Kate steals two pens.

Episode 810 "Hi-Fi Hurley"

Hurley's mouth becomes a radio when a filling in a tooth is knocked loose. Just in time too, as the regular radio is broken and a monster typhoon is on its way. Jacob dies.

Episode 811 "The Chain of Command"

Sawyer wants to train Hurley to take charge should anything happen to him. Hurley's mettle is tested when Sawyer disappears, apparently kidnapped by natives. Jacob dies again.

Episode 812 "Don't Bug The Mosquitoes"

In a parody of The Beatles and Beatlemania, the music sensation "The Mosquitoes" land on the Island for much needed peace and quiet. What they get instead are the girls having formed a group of their own, "The Honeybees". Crankshaft re-unites and a Battle of the Bands commences.

Episode 813 "Hurley Gets Bugged"

Hurley has been bitten by the dreaded, and deadly, Mantis Khani. Now he has 24 hours to live. The problem is, the Mantis Khani only travels in swarms of thousands of bugs. Soon everyone is bitten.

Episode 814 "Mine Hero"

Hurley catches a WWII mine while fishing. Now they must get rid of it before it destroys them all.

Episode 815 "Erika Tiffany Smith To The Rescue"

Socialite Erika Tiffany-Smith (Zsa Zsa Gabor) arrives on the Island, looking for a place to build a resort. But instead she falls in love with, and becomes engaged to, Jack. Once she returns to civilization, however, Smith's logbook can't help the castaways - not only are the directions hopelessly vague, but it's written in the same mysterious ancient language inscribed on the walls of the Heart of the Island.

Episode 816 "Not Guilty"

Who killed Randolph Blake? According to a newspaper that washed ashore, one of the castaways did it the night before the fateful plane crash. So they recreate the crime in order to find out who among them is the murderer.

Episode 817 "You've Been Disconnected"

A storm washes another underwater telephone cable onto the shore of the beach. So naturally they try to call for help. Mel Blanc voices the underwater telephone cable.

Episode 818 "The Postman Cometh"

Hurley and Sawyer hear on the radio that Kate's boyfriend is getting married. Wondering how to break the news to her, the two go to Jack and Walt. Hurley, Sawyer, and Jack attempt to woo her, but Kate believes they are trying to tell her she has eaten poisonous mushrooms! Nathan Fillion guest stars.

Episode 819 "Seer Hurley"

Hurley has found a bush that provides seeds that enable anyone who eats the seeds to read people's minds.

Episode 820 "Love Me, Love My Sawyer"

Rose and Bernard are planning a cotillion but Bernard accidentally loses Sawyer's invitation. In a flashback, Kate steals Mel Blanc.

Episode 821 "Hurley's Living Doll"

A robot lands on the Island, and the castaways must figure out how to use him to get rescued.

Episode 822 "Forward March"

Someone is shelling the castaways with hand grenades. It turns out that The Gorilla has found a stash of WWII weapons in a cave.

Episode 823 "Ship Ahoax"

When "Island Madness" threatens to destroy harmony on the Island, Ben uses a crystal ball to give everyone something to hope for.

Episode 824 "Feed The Kitty"

A cage carrying a lion washes off a ship and onto the Island. Hurley befriends it by pulling a thorn from its paw. The castaways then decide to stage a circus. Complications ensue.

Episode 825 "Operation : Steam Heat"

Jacob uses the water at The Temple to revive everyone's lion-mauled corpses to full health. While assisting him, Hurley finds a thermal vent and soon everyone has piping hot water. But Jack isn't so excited because this means there is an active volcano on the Island.

Episode 826 "Will The Real Miles Straume Please Stand Up?"

Miles has a double back home spending his money. When the gent goes on a cruise, guess where he lands? The real Miles twice attempts to swim the Pacific to stop the impostor. Ken Leung's final appearance on the show as a member of the main cast.

Episode 827 "Ghost A-Go-Go"

A ghost is terrorizing the castaways, so the castaways decide to terrorize the ghost.

Episode 828 "Allergy Time"

Sawyer and the the rest of the castaways develop an allergy to Hurley. It can be cured, of course, but at what cost?

Episode 829 "The Friendly Physician"

Mad scientist Dr. Boris Balinkoff (Vito Scotti) "rescues" the castaways. But in reality he kidnaps them to his own nearby Island for mind transfer experiments.

Episode 830 "V For Vitamins"

Hurley must guard the last precious orange when Jack determines that the castaways are in need of vitamins.

Episode 831 "Two Days of Darkness"

After a 48-hour eclipse, the castaways are intrigued by the appearance of thousands of strange viscous cocoons in and around the camp. Curious, but unwilling to cut one open and investigate, a debate rages as to how to deal with this bizarre new development. And the cocoons are hatching ...

Episode 832 "Meet The Meteor"

A meteor crashes into the Island making everything near it age very rapidly, including people.

Episode 833 "Forbidden Fruit"

When our survivors come across a grove of trees which bear a ripe, yet unidentifiable fruit, the only thing that stops them from immediately picking it and bringing it back to the others is a mysterious sign posted at the grove's entrance. Unfortunately, the words written on it are in a script and language they have never seen before...

Episode 834 "The Return Of The Dharma Initiative - Part I"

The Harlem Globetrotters crashland on the Island. When a millionaire tries to take over the Island, the rivalry is settled by a game between the Globetrotters and the rival's robot team.

Episode 835 "The Return Of The Dharma Initiative - Part II"

The rival's robot team enacts the second Purge. The Gorilla dies at the hands of the returned Japanese sailor (Vito Scotti). Jacob is reunited with his parents. Juliet and Walt kiss while Aaron watches from a distance. Vincent is. The season ends on a literal cliffhanger as Jack dangles by his fingertips on the edge of the ocean due to Kate having stolen the entire Island.

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