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Lost : Season 7

Posted by R.CAllen , 16 January 2014 · 7,534 views

Episode 701 "Two on a Raft"
Following a violent storm, Sawyer and Hurley sail for help on a raft, only to wind up back on the Island an important fact of which they are unaware.
Episode 702 "Home Sweet Hut"

The castaways build a hut for all, but tensions mount and soon they all build their own huts.

Episode 703 "Voodoo Something For Me"

Sawyer believes the Island is under the spell of Voodoo and that Hurley has been turned into a chimp. Titus Welliver guest stars.

Episode 704 "Goodnight Sweet Sawyer"

Sawyer turns the radio into a transmitter. The catch is that he can only do it when he sleepwalks. With June Foray as the voice of aviatrix Alice McNeil.

Episode 705 "Wrongway Feldman"

Famed aviator Wrongway Feldman is discovered living on the Island. The castaways help him fix his plane so he can fly for help. Wrongway gets back to civilization after nearly 30 years, but his directions are so inexact that the Island could be located anywhere from the Bay of Naples to the Arctic Ocean. In a flashback sequence, Kate steals a pen.

Episode 706 "President Hurley"

When Sayid and Sawyer square off over who is in charge, the castaways decide they need to elect a leader.

Episode 707 "The Sound of Quacking"

A duck lands on the Island. Food is scarce but Hurley is determined to protect the duck. Mel Blanc voices the duck.

Episode 708 "Goodbye Island"

Hurley discovers the perfect, permanent glue when trying to make pancake syrup. His goofy glue, however, turns out to be temporary instead of permanent and the Hatch breaks apart. Secrets are revealed.

Episode 709 "The Big Gold Strike"

Sayid and Hurley discover a gold mine on the Island. Soon everyone has "gold fever".

Episode 710 "Waiting for Watubi"

Sawyer finds a tiki idol, a small statue of Kona, the god of evil. Sawyer believes he is cursed. Only a visit from Watubi can lift the spell.

Episode 711 "Angel on the Island"

Walt agrees to back Ben's off-Broadway, on-Island show. However, Claire soon believes that she should be the star. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje guest stars.

Episode 712 "Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk"

It is Christmas on the Island and the castaways flashback to their first days after arrival. Soon Santa visits to remind them of what they have to be thankful for but is he really Sawyer in disguise?

Episode 713 "Three Million Dollars More Or Less"

Hurley wins $3 million from Ben in a putting contest.

Episode 714 "Water, Water, Everywhere"

Drinking water is suddenly scarce. Hurley doesn't seem to do anything right until he finds a frog that comes to the rescue. Mel Blanc voices the frog.

Episode 715 "So Sorry, My Island Now"

A Japanese sailor (Vito Scotti in his first of four guest appearances) captures everyone except Hurley and Sawyer. They then try to use his submarine to return to civilization.

Episode 716 "Plant You Now, Dig You Later

Hurley uncovers a treasure chest while digging a pit for Jacob. A court is held, with Jack as the judge to decide rightful ownership.

Episode 717 "Little Island, Big Gun"

Trying to evade the police after a heist, a gangster is dropped off on the Island, planning to hide out for a while. Discovering that the Island is occupied, he poses as a doctor. When he is found out, the castaways get a firsthand taste of gangster culture.

Episode 718 "'X' Marks The Spot"

The Island is the target of a new Air Force missile, but it doesn't explode when it lands. Now Hurley is the only one who can defuse it. Nathan Fillion guest stars.

Episode 719 "Hurley Meets Jungle Bpy"

Kurt Russell guest stars as the Jungle Boy, a lad found living in the jungle. They accidentally send him back to civilization alone in a homemade balloon before they get finished teaching him English.

Episode 720 "St. Hurley and The Dragon"

The women tire of being held subservient to the men and decide to separate and build their own camp. The men realize how much they need the women, and so they try to scare the women back.

Episode 721 "Big Man on Little Stick"

Super Surfer Duke Williams rides a tsunami onto the Island, and off again.

Episode 722 "Diamonds Are An Ape's Best Friend"

A gorilla is loose on the Island, and he likes Kate because of her perfume.

Episode 723 "How To Be A Hero"

Hurley has to be rescued while he is rescuing Richard. This failure leaves him feeling down in the dumps so the other castaways devise ways to try to make him feel like a hero. However he has the chance to be a real hero when a headhunter arrives on the Island.

Episode 724 "The Return of Wrongway Feldman"

Wrongway is back, this time trying to escape the hustle and bustle of the modern world. So now the castaways must convince him that civilization is better than life on the Island. They try various schemes to get him to return to civilization and rescue them.

Episode 725 "The Matchmaker"

Kate misses the busy social season of civilization, so she tries to pair up Hurley and Claire. This ends up creating trouble in the family between Rose and Bernard and resulting in a temporary battle between all the group until the castaways decide to recreate the scene of Bernard's proposal: a fancy French restaurant called the Tour D'Argent.

Episode 726 "Music Hath Charm"

Kate wants to civilize the Island with an orchestra. But the sounds attract the wrong kind of audience.

Episode 727 "New Neighbor Sam"

The castaways are hearing voices of gangsters, but it turns out to be a parrot. Mel Blanc voices the parrot.

Episode 728 "They're Off And Running"

Jack loses Vincent to Jacob wagering on turtle races. Titus Welliver guest stars.

Episode 729 "Three To Get Ready"

Hurley finds a lucky stone, "The Eye of the Idol", that entitles him to three wishes before the end of the day. But, he loses it and they have to find it before sundown.

Episode 730 "Forget Me Not"

Sawyer has amnesia and Jack resorts to hypnosis to cure him. However, trouble ensues as he keeps missing the moment of memory at which Sawyer should be.

Episode 731 "Diogenes, Won't You Please Go Home?"

Hurley is keeping a diary, and everyone wants to know what he has to say. When he refuses everyone writes their own diary. Everyone remembers the day the Japanese sailor came (Episode 715 "So Sorry, My Island Now") differently.

Episode 723 "Physical Fatness"

When rescue looks imminent Sawyer helps Hurley lose enough weight to get into the navy once they are rescued. A new blue Smoke Monster debuts. Voiced by Mel Blanc.

Episode 724 "It's Magic"

A magician's trunk washes ashore and the castaways learn tricks to scare away natives. But after Hurley caused trouble with a magic trick, he hides out in a cave and the castaways try to get him back.

Episode 734 "Goodbye, Old Paint"

Dubov, a reclusive, snobbish painter, is found on the Island. To convince him to return to civilization, they set up Hurley as a rival avant-garde artist.

Episode 735 "My Fair Hurley"

Hurley saves Kate's life. Secrets are revealed prior to the season's finale. The final Dharma Initiative station is discovered and the shocking truth which lies within threatens to destroy the Island. Titus Wellliver and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje guest star.

Episode 736 "A Nose By Any Other Name"

Hurley's nose swells and his ego fades after he falls out of a coconut tree. He insists that Jack perform plastic surgery on his now deformed nose. The season ends with the ominous sounds of six-toed footsteps reverberating throughout the Island only for the screen to spontaneously cut to black mid-chorus of Journey's "Any Way You Want It".

So how is Jack back on the island?  Is it dead, spirit Jack?

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