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Living with an Infant

Posted by Lost in Coruscant , 10 February 2007 · 229 views

I hereby declare my roommate the most selfish person I know. She never thinks of anyone else. She could have told me a month ago that she wanted to move back into uni housing. But nooo, she signs the lease with me, then changes her mind 2 weeks later. I wouldn't care so much, it's her responsibility to get a subleaser, but she talked to the landlords and they're going to let her out of it - if she does it in the next week. So, I can (a) keep the apartment and find a subleaser, (B) find a new roommate, or © move back into student housing. Everyone I know already has arrangements for next year...I guess I can put an ad in the paper and find some drunken raving lunatic.

Don't we all wish that we could cancel commitments, legal contracts, on a whim? She backed out of a program here that was paying her $1,000 a semester just to work on a dinky research project - all she had to do was make up a poster with some info on it. She takes there money and does nothing - except back out when the progress report is due.

On to more cheerful topics...the 2nd trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles looks great. Ha ha, Every 3,000 years, the stars align unleashing an army of monsters. wtf? Can't they just fight crime.

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