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Breakup disconnect

Posted by Foxglove , 26 April 2010 · 1,635 views

I started the morning reading Shadowdog's blog post about how happy it makes him when he hears about a couple breaking up and just now heard about Cashmere who's been with the same guy since she was 17-years-old. 2 different sides of the same coin. Every relationship ends in 1 of 2 ways, breakup or death. So why is it so frigging depressing when you break up? Why is there such a disconnect between guys and girls over breakups? Most guys just blame the girl and sail on and never look back. They're out sexing it up with one night stands a week later. Meanwhile the girl is at home blaming herself.

That's a generality of course. But a specific with me b/c its what I do. And what a lot of my brief boyfriends do.

But the kicker is they're the healthy ones. You should move on after a breakup. Learn your lesson, maybe if you screwed up, but move on. So they're right to get back out there and not blame themselves. Brief relationships before you're 30 are supposed to train you up on what you want in life and from a partner and to teach you how to treat your partner. They're a necessary evil and every person should have a couple brief relationships before settling into that one long term one. Doesn't mean you have to sleep with them, just train yourself up so the long term one will last.

I know this. I accept it. And yet its still hard as hell to get over them when they're over..

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