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Riding with Shadowdog

Posted by Foxglove , 31 March 2010 · 782 views

Being in a car with Shadowdog is such a unique experience I wanted to try to capture it for the rest of you. So I recorded everything he said during a 20 minute drive in downtown Greensboro. Unfortunately my phone mic is crap and there was music playing so the audio is worthless for sharing. But I was able to use it and my memory to create a very accurate transcript of everything he said. Here it is-

Look at this ass hole! What is he doing?


Holy ****! You see how fast that crazy mother****er was going? I'm going 5 miles over so he HAS to be going 15 over! Rush up there to get in your accident, bitch!

What the ****! It's green! Why aren't we moving? What the **** is going on? I should never have to slam on my ****ing brakes when the light is ****ing green!

Go bitch! You got the right away! What the **** are you waiting for? You scared bitch! You scared ****ing bitch! Oh now the light has changed and you feel safe, huh? You had 10 ****ing minutes to go nobody was coming and you had to wait for the light? You shivering ****ing scared whore! You have a plastic sheet on your seat for when you wet yourself don't you? Scared ****ing whore. Yeah! Get the **** out of my way, *****!

Look how slow this bitch is going. Dude, what the **** are you waiting for? [as we pass slow car] Oh yeah, big ****ing surprise, it's an old mother****er. The bible called, grandpa, you're due back on page 114 almost sacrificing your ****ing son and getting punked by God at the last minute. Slow old bitch.

Whoa! Hey! Really big fat man in a big car! I'm kinda hard to miss, dumbass. Yeah. I'm over here in this lane. I exist, Rainman.

What the **** is going on today? The gas stations passing out free Ripple?

Yo! Hey Sparky! Waiting for a color you like? Yeah! Get the **** outta my way! Ha ha! Yeah! That's right, bitch!

I think I'm going to walk next time. :lol:

Sheep Murderer
March 31 2010 09:50 PM
.....Wow...and He wonders why I'm nervous about showing up to a Michigan meet-up.
Undome Telcontar
April 03 2010 08:02 AM
holy **** i need to go on a car journey with dex. that's ****ing awesome.

sounds about spot on, too.
Sounds like a plan, Undome. :drool:

I didn't even use my favorite line: "you drive like old people ****."

.....Wow...and He wonders why I'm nervous about showing up to a Michigan meet-up.

Yeah, and your constant talk of death and torture makes us feel SO comfortable meeting you.

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