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My Jedi

Posted by , 26 May 2009 · 1,580 views

My Jedi....
Way Of Life:A Wandering Outcast
Clothes:No Shirt,Loose Fitting Karate Gee Like Pants,Elbow Length Gloves And Knee Height Boots
Species:Human,Male,Very Tanned Skin
Different Features:Cannot Use Force But Abnormal Fighting Feats
Bio:Brought up on Tatooine in a small village protected by a jedi master,The children of the village sought out the jedi master for fun and teachings of the force.As the children aged so did their force abilites,All but one, the youngest of the village by the name of cole couldn't learn anything about the force therefore unable to use it.As children teased him he sought iscolation from all around him,
he found a little rock platter in which he claimed.When he was teased he took his anger out on the rocks every time trying to beat his previous limit...
One year later.... Cole had adapted to fighting in a manor of speed and muscle.One day his training payed off,A group of Bounty Hunters And Mercs came hunting for the now old jedi master and ended up in his village.They started killing people in search of answers,finally the jedi master turned up just as the mercs killed cole's parents cole heard their screams and ran to the village.
as cole arrived the jedi master was struck down over cole's parents bodies,As cole went to mourn he saw the Lightsaber on the ground, as the anger faced him so did the mercs blasters he let out a war cry of pain and anger picked up the light saber and dismembered all who apposed him...

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